POWER RESUME' - Resume' Preparation by Experts


Did You Know???? - An Employer takes only 6 - 10 seconds to review a Resume'.

Now, if it is fully power loaded, then it is read further and then called for the interview or else is rejected.


That is the importance of a Resume'.

A resume' is your marketing tool because it packs your skills, abilities and experience and sells it to the prospective employer. Success, Happiness and Career fulfilment are not reserved for the fortunate few, but is a process that must be pursued: but most people haven't been introduced to the process.

Resume' when produced properly is the centrepiece of entire job search campaign.


A perfect resume' or a power resume is a methodology for identifying one's value to the prospective employer, how you can benefit them and why they should hire you.


                                                               POWER RESUME'

Give your resume' that extra power to get more of interview calls.

 The Power Resume' synchronizes your skills, abilities and experience to bring out the best person required for the organization.

Following are the benefits you get:

1.            Created in professional language

2.            Created after consulting

3.            Without any grammatical errors

4.            As per International Standards

5.           Created with in 7 days of the Order

Power Resume' Charges

           Current Salary below 10,000/-                                                                                    Rs. 800/-

           Current Salary above 10,000/-                                                                                    Rs. 1,000/-

           Urgent (within 24 hours)                                                                                            Rs. 300/- extra

           Resume' delivery at your home                                                                                    Rs. 100/- extra

            Five extra copies                                                                                                       Rs. 100/-